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Payment options

We've made it easy for you to pay the way that suits you best. At checkout, you'll automatically be offered different payment options depending on what you are buying.


Pay a deposit

When ordering furniture online that's not available for immediate delivery, you'll only be asked at checkout to pay a deposit. How much deposit you want to pay is up to you, the minimum is only 15% of your total purchase value, the remaining amount will be taken from your balance right before the shipment. We'll be in touch when your furniture arrives to arrange delivery and take your remaining balance.


Pay with cash on delivery

You can pay with cash upon delivery (*only for products in stock). This type of payment comes with +5% cash on delivery fee.


Pay in full

If you would rather pay in full then that option is always open to you. We accept almost every kind of credit and debit cards. If you would prefer to pay by PayPal then that’s fine too.